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Aesops Fables [Advantage] - Aesop

Download: Aesops Fables [Advantage] - Aesop

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                       AESOP'S FABLES (82 Fables)

1-21                                    22-42
  The Cock and the Pearl                  The Frog and the Ox
  The Wolf and the Lamb                   Androcles
  The Dog and the Shadow                  The Bat, the Birds, and the Beasts
  The Lion's Share                        The Hart and the Hunter
  The Wolf and the Crane                  The Serpent and the File
  The Man and the Serpent                 The Man and the Wood
  The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse    The Dog and the Wolf
  The Fox and the Crow                    The Belly and the Members
  The Sick Lion                           The Hart in the Ox-Stall
  The Ass and the Lapdog                  The Fox and the Grapes
  The Lion and the Mouse                  The Horse, Hunter, and Stag
  The Swallow and the Other Birds         The Peacock and Juno
  The Frogs Desiring a King               The Fox and the Lion
  The Mountains in Labour                 The Lion and the Statue
  The Hares and the Frogs                 The Ant and the Grasshopper
  The Wolf and the Kid                    The Tree and the Reed
  The Woodman and the Serpent             The Fox and the Cat
  The Bald Man and the Fly                The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
  The Fox and the Stork                   The Dog in the Manger
  The Fox and the Mask                    The Man and the Wooden God
  The Jay and the Peacock                 The Fisher

43-62                                   63-82
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