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Baby Mine - Margaret Mayo

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To my Helper and Husband


Even in college Alfred Hardy was a young man of fixed ideas and
high ideals and proud of it.

His friend, Jimmy Jinks, had few ideas and no ideals, and was
glad of it, and before half of their first college term had
passed, Jimmy had ridded himself of all such worries as making up
his own mind or directing his own morals.  Alfred did all these
things so much better, argued Jimmy, furthermore, Alfred LIKED to
do them--Jimmy owed it to his friend to give him that pleasure.

The fact that Jimmy was several years Alfred's senior and twice
his size, in no way altered his opinion of Alfred's judgment, and
through their entire college course they agreed as one man in all
their discussions--or rather--in all Alfred's discussions.

But it was not until the close of their senior year that Alfred
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