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Blix - Frank Norris

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by Frank Norris
Chapter I
IT had just struck nine from the cuckoo clock that hung over the
mantelpiece in the dining-room, when Victorine brought in the
halved watermelon and set it in front of Mr. Bessemer's plate.
Then she went down to the front door for the damp, twisted roll of
the Sunday morning's paper, and came back and rang the breakfast-
bell for the second time.
As the family still hesitated to appear, she went to the bay
window at the end of the room, and stood there for a moment
looking out.  The view was wonderful.  The Bessemers lived upon
the Washington Street hill, almost at its very summit, in a flat
in the third story of the building.  The contractor had been
clever enough to reverse the position of kitchen and dining-room,
so that the latter room was at the rear of the house.  From its
window one could command a sweep of San Francisco Bay and the
Contra Costa shore, from Mount Diablo, along past Oakland,
Berkeley, Sausalito, and Mount Tamalpais, out to the Golden Gate,
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