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Bunyan Characters (2nd Series) - Alex. Whyte

Download: Bunyan Characters (2nd Series) - Alex. Whyte

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Lectures delivered in St. George's Free Church Edinburgh


"I was alive without the law once."--Paul.

"I was now a brisk talker also myself in the matter of religion."--

This is a new kind of pilgrim.  There are not many pilgrims like
this bright brisk youth.  A few more young gentlemen like this, and
the pilgrimage way would positively soon become fashionable and
popular, and be the thing to do.  Had you met with this young
gentleman in society, had you noticed him beginning to come about
your church, you would have lost no time in finding out who he was.
I can well believe it, you would have replied.  Indeed, I felt sure
of it.  I must ask him to the house.  I was quite struck with his
appearance and his manners.  Yes; ask him at once to your house;
show him some pointed attentions and you will never regret it.  For
if he goes to the bar and works even decently at his cases, he will
be first a sheriff and then a judge in no time.  If he should take
to politics, he will be an under-secretary before his first
parliament is out.  And if he takes to the church, which is not at
all unlikely, our West-end congregations will all be competing for
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