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The Bible in Spain - George Borrow

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It is very seldom that the preface of a work is read;
indeed, of late years, most books have been sent into the world
without any.  I deem it, however, advisable to write a preface,
and to this I humbly call the attention of the courteous
reader, as its perusal will not a little tend to the proper
understanding and appreciation of these volumes.

The work now offered to the public, and which is styled
THE BIBLE IN SPAIN, consists of a narrative of what occurred to
me during a residence in that country, to which I was sent by
the Bible Society, as its agent for the purpose of printing and
circulating the Scriptures.  It comprehends, however, certain
journeys and adventures in Portugal, and leaves me at last in
"the land of the Corahai," to which region, after having
undergone considerable buffeting in Spain, I found it expedient
to retire for a season.

It is very probable that had I visited Spain from mere
curiosity, or with a view of passing a year or two agreeably, I
should never have attempted to give any detailed account of my
proceedings, or of what I heard and saw.  I am no tourist, no
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