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Catriona (Kidnapped2) - Robert Louis Stevenson

Download: Catriona (Kidnapped2) - Robert Louis Stevenson

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Catriona (A Sequel to "Kidnapped") by Robert Louis Stevenson




It is the fate of sequels to disappoint those who have waited for them; 
and my David, having been left to kick his heels for more than a lustre 
in the British Linen Company's office, must expect his late re-
appearance to be greeted with hoots, if not with missiles.  Yet, when I 
remember the days of our explorations, I am not without hope.  There 
should be left in our native city some seed of the elect; some long-
legged, hot-headed youth must repeat to-day our dreams and wanderings 
of so many years ago; he will relish the pleasure, which should have 
been ours, to follow among named streets and numbered houses the 
country walks of David Balfour, to identify Dean, and Silvermills, and 
Broughton, and Hope Park, and Pilrig, and poor old Lochend - if it 
still be standing, and the Figgate Whins - if there be any of them 
left; or to push (on a long holiday) so far afield as Gillane or the 
Bass.  So, perhaps, his eye shall be opened to behold the series of the 
generations, and he shall weigh with surprise his momentous and 
nugatory gift of life.
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