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Concerning Christian Liberty - Martin Luther

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Concerning Christian Liberty

by Martin Luther



Among those monstrous evils of this age with which I have now for 
three years been waging war, I am sometimes compelled to look to 
you and to call you to mind, most blessed father Leo. In truth, 
since you alone are everywhere considered as being the cause of 
my engaging in war, I cannot at any time fail to remember you; 
and although I have been compelled by the causeless raging of 
your impious flatterers against me to appeal from your seat to a 
future council--fearless of the futile decrees of your 
predecessors Pius and Julius, who in their foolish tyranny 
prohibited such an action--yet I have never been so alienated in 
feeling from your Blessedness as not to have sought with all my 
might, in diligent prayer and crying to God, all the best gifts 
for you and for your see. But those who have hitherto endeavoured 
to terrify me with the majesty of your name and authority, I have 
begun quite to despise and triumph over. One thing I see 
remaining which I cannot despise, and this has been the reason of 
my writing anew to your Blessedness: namely, that I find that 
blame is cast on me, and that it is imputed to me as a great 
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