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Democracy and Education - John Dewey

Download: Democracy and Education - John Dewey

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Democracy and Education
by John Dewey

Chapter One: Education as a Necessity of Life
Chapter Two: Education as a Social Function
Chapter Three: Education as Direction
Chapter Four: Education as Growth
Chapter Five: Preparation, Unfolding, and Formal Discipline
Chapter Six: Education as Conservative and Progressive 
Chapter Seven: The Democratic Conception in Education 
Chapter Eight: Aims in Education
Chapter Nine: Natural Development and Social Efficiency as Aims
Chapter Ten: Interest and Discipline
Chapter Eleven: Experience and Thinking
Chapter Twelve: Thinking in Education
Chapter Thirteen: The Nature of Method 
Chapter Fourteen: The Nature of Subject Matter 
Chapter Fifteen: Play and Work in the Curriculum 
Chapter Sixteen: The Significance of Geography and History
Chapter Seventeen: Science in the Course of Study 
Chapter Eighteen: Educational Values
Chapter Nineteen: Labor and Leisure
Chapter Twenty: Intellectual and Practical Studies 
Chapter Twenty-one: Physical and Social Studies: Naturalism and   
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