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Derrick Vaughan--Novelist - Edna Lyall

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Derrick Vaughan--Novelist

'It is only through deep sympathy that a man can become a great
artist.'--Lewes's Life of Goethe.

'Sympathy is feeling related to an object, whilst sentiment is the
same feeling seeking itself alone.'--Arnold Toynbee.

Chapter I.

'Nothing fills a child's mind like a large old mansion; better if
un- or partially occupied; peopled with the spirits of deceased
members of the county and Justices of the Quorum.  Would I were
buried in the peopled solitude of one, with my feelings at seven
years old!'--From Letters of Charles Lamb.

To attempt a formal biography of Derrick Vaughan would be out of the
question, even though he and I have been more or less thrown
together since we were both in the nursery.  But I have an odd sort
of wish to note down roughly just a few of my recollections of him,
and to show how his fortunes gradually developed, being perhaps
stimulated to make the attempt by certain irritating remarks which
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