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El Dorado - Baroness Orczy

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by Baroness Orczy


There has of late years crept so much confusion into the mind of
the student as well as of the general reader as to the identity of
the Scarlet Pimpernel with that of the Gascon Royalist plotter
known to history as the Baron de Batz, that the time seems
opportune for setting all doubts on that subject at rest.

The identity of the Scarlet Pimpernel is in no way whatever
connected with that of the Baron de Batz, and even superficial
reflection will soon bring the mind to the conclusion that great
fundamental differences existed in these two men, in their
personality, in their character, and, above all, in their aims.

According to one or two enthusiastic historians, the Baron de Batz
was the chief agent in a vast network of conspiracy, entirely
supported by foreign money--both English and Austrian--and which
had for its object the overthrow of the Republican Government and
the restoration of the monarchy in France.

In order to attain this political goal, it is averred that he set
himself the task of pitting the members of the revolutionary
Government one against the other, and bringing hatred and
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