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Heroes - Charles Kingsley

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The Heroes, or Greek Fairy Tales For My Children by Charles Kingsley

The Heroes



Some of you have heard already of the old Greeks; and all of 
you, as you grow up, will hear more and more of them.  Those 
of you who are boys will, perhaps, spend a great deal of time 
in reading Greek books; and the girls, though they may not 
learn Greek, will be sure to come across a great many stories 
taken from Greek history, and to see, I may say every day, 
things which we should not have had if it had not been for 
these old Greeks.  You can hardly find a well-written book 
which has not in it Greek names, and words, and proverbs; you 
cannot walk through a great town without passing Greek 
buildings; you cannot go into a well-furnished room without 
seeing Greek statues and ornaments, even Greek patterns of 
furniture and paper; so strangely have these old Greeks left 
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