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Lavengro - George Borrow

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Lavengro, The Scholar, The Gypsy, The Priest By George Borrow.  



IN the following pages I have endeavoured to describe a dream, 
partly of study, partly of adventure, in which will be found 
copious notices of books, and many descriptions of life and 
manners, some in a very unusual form.

The scenes of action lie in the British Islands; - pray be not 
displeased, gentle reader, if perchance thou hast imagined that I 
was about to conduct thee to distant lands, and didst promise 
thyself much instruction and entertainment from what I might tell 
thee of them.  I do assure thee that thou hast no reason to be 
displeased, inasmuch as there are no countries in the world less 
known by the British than these selfsame British Islands, or where 
more strange things are every day occurring, whether in road or 
street, house or dingle.

The time embraces nearly the first quarter of the present century:  
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