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Letters from the Cape - Lady Duff Gordon

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Letters from the Cape by Lady Duff Gordon


Wednesday, 24th July.
Off the Scilly Isles, 6 P.M.

When I wrote last Sunday, we put our pilot on shore, and went down
Channel.  It soon came on to blow, and all night was squally and
rough.  Captain on deck all night.  Monday, I went on deck at
eight.  Lovely weather, but the ship pitching as you never saw a
ship pitch - bowsprit under water.  By two o'clock a gale came on;
all ordered below.  Captain left dinner, and, about six, a sea
struck us on the weather side, and washed a good many unconsidered
trifles overboard, and stove in three windows on the poop; nurse
and four children in fits; Mrs. T- and babies afloat, but good-
humoured as usual.  Army-surgeon and I picked up children and
bullied nurse, and helped to bale cabin.  Cuddy window stove in,
and we were wetted.  Went to bed at nine; could not undress, it
pitched so, and had to call doctor to help me into cot; slept
sound.  The gale continues.  My cabin is water-tight as to big
splashes, but damp and dribbling.  I am almost ashamed to like such
miseries so much.  The forecastle is under water with every lurch,
and the motion quite incredible to one only acquainted with
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