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Letters of George Borrow - George Borrow

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Letters of George Borrow to the British and Foreign Bible Society

LETTER: February 10th, 1833

To the Rev. J. Jowett
FEB. 10TH, 1833.

REVD. AND DEAR SIR, - I have just received your communication, and 
notwithstanding it is Sunday morning, and the bells with their loud 
and clear voices are calling me to church, I have sat down to 
answer it by return of post.  It is scarcely necessary for me to 
say that I was rejoiced to see the Chrestomathie Mandchou, which 
will be of no slight assistance in learning the Tartar dialect, on 
which ever since I left London I have been almost incessantly 
occupied.  It is, then, your opinion, that from the lack of 
anything in the form of Grammar I have scarcely made any progress 
towards the attainment of Mandchou; perhaps you will not be 
perfectly miserable at being informed that you were never more 
mistaken in your life.  I can already, with the assistance of 
Amyot, TRANSLATE MANDCHOU with no great difficulty, and am 
perfectly qualified to write a critique on the version of St. 
Matthew's Gospel, which I brought with me into the country.  Upon 
the whole, I consider the translation a good one, but I cannot help 
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