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Life of Charlotte Bronte V1 - E. C. Gaskell

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The Life of Charlotte Bronte


The Leeds and Skipton railway runs along a deep valley of the
Aire; a slow and sluggish stream, compared to the neighbouring
river of Wharfe.  Keighley station is on this line of railway,
about a quarter of a mile from the town of the same name.  The
number of inhabitants and the importance of Keighley have been
very greatly increased during the last twenty years, owing to the
rapidly extended market for worsted manufactures, a branch of
industry that mainly employs the factory population of this part
of Yorkshire, which has Bradford for its centre and metropolis.

Keighley is in process of transformation from a populous, old-
fashioned village, into a still more populous and flourishing
town.  It is evident to the stranger, that as the gable-ended
houses, which obtrude themselves corner-wise on the widening
street, fall vacant, they are pulled down to allow of greater
space for traffic, and a more modern style of architecture.  The
quaint and narrow shop-windows of fifty years ago, are giving way
to large panes and plate-glass.  Nearly every dwelling seems
devoted to some branch of commerce.  In passing hastily through
the town, one hardly perceives where the necessary lawyer and
doctor can live, so little appearance is there of any dwellings of
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