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Londons Underworld - Thomas Holmes

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by Thomas Holmes
(Secretary of the Howard Association)




I am hopeful that some of the experiences given in the following
chapters may throw a little light upon some curious but very
serious social problems.  Corporate humanity always has had, and
always will have, serious problems to consider.

The more civilised we become the more complex and serious will be
our problems--unless sensible and merciful yet thorough methods
are adopted for dealing with the evils.  I think that my pages
will show that the methods now in use for coping with some of our
great evils do not lessen, but considerably increase the evils
they seek to cure.

With great diffidence I venture to point out what I conceive to
be reasons for failure, and also to offer some suggestions that,
if adopted, will, I believe, greatly minimise, if not remove,
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