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Massacre at Paris - Christopher Marlowe

Download: Massacre at Paris - Christopher Marlowe

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Massacre at Paris by Christopher Marlowe

Table of Contents with inital stage directions

* Dramatis Personae
* Scene 1: Enter Charles the French King, [Catherine] the Queene
  Mother, the King of Navarre, the Prince of Condye, the Lord high
  Admirall, and [Margaret] the Queene of Navarre, with others.
* Scene 2: Enter the Duke of Guise.
* Scene 3: Enter the King of Navar and Queen [Margaret], and his
  [olde] Mother Queen [of Navarre], the Prince of Condy, the
  Admirall, and the Pothecary with the gloves, and gives them
  to the olde Queene.
* Scene 4: Enter [Charles] the King, [Catherine the] Queene
  Mother, Duke of Guise, Duke Anjoy, Duke Demayne [and Cossin,
  Captain of the Kings Guard].
* Scene 5: Enter Guise, Anjoy, Dumaine, Gonzago, Retes, Montsorrell,
  and Souldiers to the massacre.
* Scene 6: Enter Mountsorrell and knocks at Serouns doore.
* Scene 7: Enter Ramus in his studie.
* Scene 8: Enter Anjoy, with two Lords of Poland.
* Scene 9: Enter two with the Admirals body.
* Scene 10: Enter five or sixe Protestants with bookes, and kneele
* Scene 11: Enter [Charles] the King of France, Navar and Epernoune
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