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Master Humphreys Clock - Charles Dickens

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Master Humphrey's Clock by Charles Dickens


THE reader must not expect to know where I live.  At present, it is 
true, my abode may be a question of little or no import to anybody; 
but if I should carry my readers with me, as I hope to do, and 
there should spring up between them and me feelings of homely 
affection and regard attaching something of interest to matters 
ever so slightly connected with my fortunes or my speculations, 
even my place of residence might one day have a kind of charm for 
them.  Bearing this possible contingency in mind, I wish them to 
understand, in the outset, that they must never expect to know it.

I am not a churlish old man.  Friendless I can never be, for all 
mankind are my kindred, and I am on ill terms with no one member of 
my great family.  But for many years I have led a lonely, solitary 
life; - what wound I sought to heal, what sorrow to forget, 
originally, matters not now; it is sufficient that retirement has 
become a habit with me, and that I am unwilling to break the spell 
which for so long a time has shed its quiet influence upon my home 
and heart.
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