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Michael Brother of Jerry - Jack London

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Very early in my life, possibly because of the insatiable
curiosity that was born in me, I came to dislike the performances
of trained animals.  It was my curiosity that spoiled for me this
form of amusement, for I was led to seek behind the performance in
order to learn how the performance was achieved.  And what I found
behind the brave show and glitter of performance was not nice.  It
was a body of cruelty so horrible that I am confident no normal
person exists who, once aware of it, could ever enjoy looking on
at any trained-animal turn.

Now I am not a namby-pamby.  By the book reviewers and the namby-
pambys I am esteemed a sort of primitive beast that delights in
the spilled blood of violence and horror.  Without arguing this
matter of my general reputation, accepting it at its current face
value, let me add that I have indeed lived life in a very rough
school and have seen more than the average man's share of
inhumanity and cruelty, from the forecastle and the prison, the
slum and the desert, the execution-chamber and the lazar-house, to
the battlefield and the military hospital.  I have seen horrible
deaths and mutilations.  I have seen imbeciles hanged, because,
being imbeciles, they did not possess the hire of lawyers.  I have
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