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Misalliance - George Bernard Shaw

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by George Bernard Shaw

Notes on the editing:  Italicized text is delimited with underlines
("_").  Punctuation and spelling are retained as in the printed text.
Shaw used a non-standard system of spelling and punctuation.  For
example, contractions usually have no apostrophe:  "don't" is given as
"dont", "you've" as "youve", and so on.  Abbreviated honorifics have
no trailing period:  "Dr." is given as "Dr", "Mrs." as "Mrs", and so
on.  "Shakespeare" is given as "Shakespear".  Where several characters
in the play are speaking at once, I have indicated it with vertical
bars ("|").  The pound (currency) symbol has been replaced by the word



_Johnny Tarleton, an ordinary young business man of thirty or less, is
taking his weekly Friday to Tuesday in the house of his father, John
Tarleton, who has made a great deal of money out of Tarleton's
Underwear.  The house is in Surrey, on the slope of Hindhead; and
Johnny, reclining, novel in hand, in a swinging chair with a little
awning above it, is enshrined in a spacious half hemisphere of glass
which forms a pavilion commanding the garden, and, beyond it, a barren
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