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Miscellaneous Papers - Charles Dickens

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The Agricultural Interest
Threatening Letter to Thomas Hood from an Ancient Gentleman
Crime and Education
Capital Punishment
The Spirit of Chivalry in Westminster Hall
In Memoriam--W. M. Thackeray
Adelaide Anne Procter
Chauncey Hare Townshend
On Mr. Fechter's Acting


The present Government, having shown itself to be particularly
clever in its management of Indictments for Conspiracy, cannot do
better, we think (keeping in its administrative eye the pacification
of some of its most influential and most unruly supporters), than
indict the whole manufacturing interest of the country for a
conspiracy against the agricultural interest.  As the jury ought to
be beyond impeachment, the panel might be chosen among the Duke of
Buckingham's tenants, with the Duke of Buckingham himself as
foreman; and, to the end that the country might be quite satisfied
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