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Mrs. Lirripers Lodgings - Charles Dickens

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Whoever would begin to be worried with letting Lodgings that wasn't
a lone woman with a living to get is a thing inconceivable to me, my
dear; excuse the familiarity, but it comes natural to me in my own
little room, when wishing to open my mind to those that I can trust,
and I should be truly thankful if they were all mankind, but such is
not so, for have but a Furnished bill in the window and your watch
on the mantelpiece, and farewell to it if you turn your back for but
a second, however gentlemanly the manners; nor is being of your own
sex any safeguard, as I have reason, in the form of sugar-tongs to
know, for that lady (and a fine woman she was) got me to run for a
glass of water, on the plea of going to be confined, which certainly
turned out true, but it was in the Station-house.

Number Eighty-one Norfolk Street, Strand--situated midway between
the City and St. James's, and within five minutes' walk of the
principal places of public amusement--is my address.  I have rented
this house many years, as the parish rate-books will testify; and I
could wish my landlord was as alive to the fact as I am myself; but
no, bless you, not a half a pound of paint to save his life, nor so
much, my dear, as a tile upon the roof, though on your bended knees.
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