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Pictures From Italy - Charles Dickens

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Pictures From Italy by Charles Dickens

Pictures from Italy


IF the readers of this volume will be so kind as to take their 
credentials for the different places which are the subject of its 
author's reminiscences, from the Author himself, perhaps they may 
visit them, in fancy, the more agreeably, and with a better 
understanding of what they are to expect.

Many books have been written upon Italy, affording many means of 
studying the history of that interesting country, and the 
innumerable associations entwined about it.  I make but little 
reference to that stock of information; not at all regarding it as 
a necessary consequence of my having had recourse to the storehouse 
for my own benefit, that I should reproduce its easily accessible 
contents before the eyes of my readers.

Neither will there be found, in these pages, any grave examination 
into the government or misgovernment of any portion of the country.  
No visitor of that beautiful land can fail to have a strong 
conviction on the subject; but as I chose when residing there, a 
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