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Poetical Works - John Milton

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The Poetical Works of John Milton

PREFACE by the Rev. H. C. Beeching, M. A.

This edition of Milton's Poetry is a reprint, as careful as Editor
and Printers have been able to make it, from the earliest printed
copies of the several poems.  First the 1645 volume of the
Minor Poems has been printed entire; then follow in order the
poems added in the reissue of 1673; the Paradise Lost, from the
edition of 1667; and the Paradise Regain'd and Samson
Agonistes from the edition of 1671.

The most interesting portion of the book must be reckoned the
first section of it, which reproduces for the first time the scarce
small octavo of 1645.  The only reprint of the Minor Poems in
the old spelling, so far as I know, is the one edited by Mitford,
but that followed the edition of 1673, which is comparatively
uninteresting since it could not have had Milton's oversight as it
passed through the press.  We know that it was set up from a
copy of the 1645 edition, because it reproduces some pointless
eccentricities such as the varying form of the chorus to Psalm
cxxxvi; but while it corrects the errata tabulated in that edition
it commits many more blunders of its own.  It is valuable,
however, as the editio princeps of ten of the sonnets and it
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