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Prince Otto - Robert Louis Stevenson

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Prince Otto by Robert Louis Stevenson




AT last, after so many years, I have the pleasure of re-introducing 
you to 'Prince Otto,' whom you will remember a very little fellow, 
no bigger in fact than a few sheets of memoranda written for me by 
your kind hand.  The sight of his name will carry you back to an old 
wooden house embowered in creepers; a house that was far gone in the 
respectable stages of antiquity and seemed indissoluble from the 
green garden in which it stood, and that yet was a sea-traveller in 
its younger days, and had come round the Horn piecemeal in the belly 
of a ship, and might have heard the seamen stamping and shouting and 
the note of the boatswain's whistle.  It will recall to you the 
nondescript inhabitants now so widely scattered:- the two horses, 
the dog, and the four cats, some of them still looking in your face 
as you read these lines; - the poor lady, so unfortunately married 
to an author; - the China boy, by this time, perhaps, baiting his 
line by the banks of a river in the Flowery Land; - and in 
particular the Scot who was then sick apparently unto death, and 
whom you did so much to cheer and keep in good behaviour.
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