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Protagoras B. Jowett Trans. - Plato

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by Plato

Translated by Benjamin Jowett


The Protagoras, like several of the Dialogues of Plato, is put into the
mouth of Socrates, who describes a conversation which had taken place
between himself and the great Sophist at the house of Callias--'the man who
had spent more upon the Sophists than all the rest of the world'--and in
which the learned Hippias and the grammarian Prodicus had also shared, as
well as Alcibiades and Critias, both of whom said a few words--in the
presence of a distinguished company consisting of disciples of Protagoras
and of leading Athenians belonging to the Socratic circle.  The dialogue
commences with a request on the part of Hippocrates that Socrates would
introduce him to the celebrated teacher.  He has come before the dawn had
risen--so fervid is his zeal.  Socrates moderates his excitement and
advises him to find out 'what Protagoras will make of him,' before he
becomes his pupil.

They go together to the house of Callias; and Socrates, after explaining
the purpose of their visit to Protagoras, asks the question, 'What he will
make of Hippocrates.'  Protagoras answers, 'That he will make him a better
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