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The Provost - John Galt

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During a recent visit to the West Country, among other old friends
we paid our respects to Mrs Pawkie, the relict of the Provost of
that name, who three several times enjoyed the honour of being chief
magistrate in Gudetown.  Since the death of her worthy husband, and
the comfortable settlement in life of her youngest daughter, Miss
Jenny, who was married last year to Mr Caption, writer to the
signet, she has been, as she told us herself, "beeking in the lown
o' the conquest which the gudeman had, wi' sic an ettling o' pains
and industry, gathered for his family."

Our conversation naturally diverged into various topics, and, among
others, we discoursed at large on the manifold improvements which
had taken place, both in town and country, since we had visited the
Royal Burgh.  This led the widow, in a complimentary way, to advert
to the hand which, it is alleged, we have had in the editing of that
most excellent work, entitled, "Annals of the Parish of Dalmailing,"
intimating, that she had a book in the handwriting of her deceased
husband, the Provost, filled with a variety of most curious matter;
in her opinion, of far more consequence to the world than any book
that we had ever been concerned in putting out.

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