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A Rogues Life - Wilkie Collins

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by Wilkie Collins


The following pages were written more than twenty years since,
and were then published periodically in _Household Words._

In the original form of publication the Rogue was very favorably
received. Year after year, I delayed the republication,
proposing, at the suggestion of my old friend, Mr. Charles Reade,
to enlarge the present sketch of the hero's adventures in
Australia. But the opportunity of carrying out this project has
proved to be one of the lost opportunities of my life. I
republish the story with its original conclusion unaltered, but
with such occasional additions and improvements as will, I hope,
render it more worthy of attention at the present time.

The critical reader may possibly notice a tone of almost
boisterous gayety in certain parts of these imaginary
Confessions. I can only plead, in defense, that the story offers
the faithful reflection of a very happy time in my past life. It
was written at Paris, when I had Charles Dickens for a near
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