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Rogets Thesaurus - Roget

Download: Rogets Thesaurus - Roget

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**                         Thesaurus-1911                              **

  This file is an electronic version of the edition of Roget's Thesaurus
published in 1911 by the Crowell company.  The following differences will
be noted between this version and the original printed edition:
  (1)  the space-saving abbreviations in the original, using hyphens to
represent common prefixes or suffixes have been expanded into the full
  (2) the side-by-side format for words and their opposites has been
abandoned.  Words are listed in order of their entry number.
  (3)  each main entry has a pound sign "#" in front of the number to
facilitate computerized search.
  (4) greek words and phrases are transliterated and included between
brackets in the format .
  (5)  where italics occurred in the original, italics are used in the
Microsoft Word format file.  In the plain ASCII file, this formatting is
  (6)  the approximate location of the bottom of each page in the original
1911 printed book is indicated by a comment of the form: <--  p.  23 -->.
Note that there are two spaces between the "p." and the page number.
  (7)  This file contains only the main body of the thesaurus.  Neither
outline nor index are contained here.

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