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The Registered Letter - Colbron&Groner

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Joseph Muller, Secret Service detective of the Imperial Austrian
police, is one of the great experts in his profession.  In
personality he differs greatly from other famous detectives.  He
has neither the impressive authority of Sherlock Holmes, nor the
keen brilliancy of Monsieur Lecoq.  Muller is a small, slight,
plain-looking man, of indefinite age, and of much humbleness of
mien.  A naturally retiring, modest disposition, and two external
causes are the reasons for Muller's humbleness of manner, which
is his chief characteristic.  One cause is the fact that in early
youth a miscarriage of justice gave him several years in prison,
an experience which cast a stigma on his name and which made it
impossible for him, for many years after, to obtain honest
employment.  But the world is richer, and safer, by Muller's
early misfortune.  For it was this experience which threw him
back on his own peculiar talents for a livelihood, and drove him
into the police force.  Had he been able to enter any other
profession, his genius might have been stunted to a mere pastime,
instead of being, as now, utilised for the public good.  

Then, the red tape and bureaucratic etiquette which attaches to
every governmental department, puts the secret service men of the
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