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The Romany Rye - George Borrow

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The Romany Rye by George Borrow


The Making of the Linch-pin - The Sound Sleeper - Breakfast - 
The Postillion's Departure.

I AWOKE at the first break of day, and, leaving the 
postillion fast asleep, stepped out of the tent.  The dingle 
was dank and dripping.  I lighted a fire of coals, and got my 
forge in readiness.  I then ascended to the field, where the 
chaise was standing as we had left it on the previous 
evening.  After looking at the cloud-stone near it, now cold, 
and split into three pieces, I set about prying narrowly into 
the condition of the wheel and axletree - the latter had 
sustained no damage of any consequence, and the wheel, as far 
as I was able to judge, was sound, being only slightly 
injured in the box.  The only thing requisite to set the 
chaise in a travelling condition appeared to be a linch-pin, 
which I determined to make.  Going to the companion wheel, I 
took out the linch-pin, which I carried down with me to the 
dingle, to serve as a model.

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