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The Smalcald Articles - Martin Luther

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The Smalcald Articles.
Articles of Christian Doctrine
which were to have been presented on our part
to the Council, if any had been assembled at Mantua
or elsewhere, indicating what we could accept
or yield, and what we could not._
by Dr. Martin Luther, 1537
Translated by F. Bente and  W. H. T. Dau
Published in:
_Triglot Concordia: The Symbolical Books
of the Ev. Lutheran Church_.
(St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1921), pp. 453-529.

Preface of Dr. Martin Luther. 

Since Pope Paul III convoked a Council last year, to assemble
at Mantua about Whitsuntide, and afterwards transferred it
from Mantua, so that it is not yet known where he will or can
fix it, and we on our part either had to expect that we would
be summoned also to the Council or [to fear that we would] be
condemned unsummoned, I was directed to compile and collect
the articles of our doctrine [in order that it might be plain]
in case of deliberation as to what and how far we would be
both willing and able to yield to the Papists, and in what
points we intended to persevere and abide to the end. 

I have accordingly compiled these articles and presented them
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