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Tom Browns School Days - Thomas Hughes

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"I'm the Poet of White Horse Vale, sir,
With liberal notions under my cap." - Ballad

The Browns have become illustrious by the pen of Thackeray and
the pencil of Doyle, within the memory of the young gentlemen
who are now matriculating at the universities.  Notwithstanding
the well-merited but late fame which has now fallen upon them,
any one at all acquainted with the family must feel that much
has yet to be written and said before the British nation will be
properly sensible of how much of its greatness it owes to the
Browns.  For centuries, in their quiet, dogged, homespun way,
they have been subduing the earth in most English counties, and
leaving their mark in American forests and Australian uplands.
Wherever the fleets and armies of England have won renown, there
stalwart sons of the Browns have done yeomen's work.  With the
yew bow and cloth-yard shaft at Cressy and Agincourt--with the
brown bill and pike under the brave Lord Willoughby--with
culverin and demi-culverin against Spaniards and Dutchmen--with
hand-grenade and sabre, and musket and bayonet, under Rodney and
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