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Typee - Herman Melville

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Typee: A Romance of the South Seas

By Herman Melville


MORE than three years have elapsed since the occurrence of the
events recorded in this volume.  The interval, with the exception
of the last few months, has been chiefly spent by the author
tossing about on the wide ocean.  Sailors are the only class of
men who now-a-days see anything like stirring adventure; and many
things which to fire-side people appear strange and romantic, to
them seem as common-place as a jacket out at elbows. Yet,
notwithstanding the familiarity of sailors with all sorts of
curious adventure, the incidents recorded in the following pages
have often served, when 'spun as a yarn,' not only to relieve the
weariness of many a night-watch at sea, but to excite the warmest
sympathies of the author's shipmates.  He has been, therefore,
led to think that his story could scarcely fail to interest those
who are less familiar than the sailor with a life of adventure.

In his account of the singular and interesting people among whom
he was thrown, it will be observed that he chiefly treats of
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