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Underwoods - Robert Louis Stevenson

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Underwoods by Robert Louis Stevenson.


Of all my verse, like not a single line;
But like my title, for it is not mine.
That title from a better man I stole:
Ah, how much better, had I stol'n the whole!


THERE are men and classes of men that stand above the 
common herd: the soldier, the sailor and the shepherd not 
unfrequently; the artist rarely; rarely still, the clergyman; 
the physician almost as a rule.  He is the flower (such as it 
is) of our civilisation; and when that stage of man is done 
with, and only remembered to be marvelled at in history, he 
will be thought to have shared as little as any in the defects 
of the period, and most notably exhibited the virtues of the 
race.  Generosity he has, such as is possible to those who 
practise an art, never to those who drive a trade; discretion, 
tested by a hundred secrets; tact, tried in a thousand 
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