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Wild Wales - George Borrow

Download: Wild Wales - George Borrow

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Wild Wales by George Borrow

Second proof by Jane Gammie

Wild Wales:  Its People, Language and Scenery


WALES is a country interesting in many respects, and deserving of 
more attention than it has hitherto met with.  Though not very 
extensive, it is one of the most picturesque countries in the 
world, a country in which Nature displays herself in her wildest, 
boldest, and occasionally loveliest forms.  The inhabitants, who 
speak an ancient and peculiar language, do not call this region 
Wales, nor themselves Welsh.  They call themselves Cymry or Cumry, 
and their country Cymru, or the land of the Cumry.  Wales or 
Wallia, however, is the true, proper, and without doubt original 
name, as it relates not to any particular race, which at present 
inhabits it, or may have sojourned in it at any long bygone period, 
but to the country itself.  Wales signifies a land of mountains, of 
vales, of dingles, chasms, and springs.  It is connected with the 
Cumbric bal, a protuberance, a springing forth; with the Celtic 
beul or beal, a mouth; with the old English welle, a fountain; with 
the original name of Italy, still called by the Germans Welschland; 
with Balkan and Vulcan, both of which signify a casting out, an 
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