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Zincali Gypsies of Spain - George Borrow

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The Zincali - An Account of the Gypsies of Spain by George Borrow


IT is with some diffidence that the author ventures to offer the 
present work to the public.

The greater part of it has been written under very peculiar 
circumstances, such as are not in general deemed at all favourable 
for literary composition:  at considerable intervals, during a 
period of nearly five years passed in Spain - in moments snatched 
from more important pursuits - chiefly in ventas and posadas, 
whilst wandering through the country in the arduous and unthankful 
task of distributing the Gospel among its children.

Owing to the causes above stated, he is aware that his work must 
not unfrequently appear somewhat disjointed and unconnected, and 
the style rude and unpolished:  he has, nevertheless, permitted the 
tree to remain where he felled it, having, indeed, subsequently 
enjoyed too little leisure to make much effectual alteration.

At the same time he flatters himself that the work is not destitute 
of certain qualifications to entitle it to approbation.  The 
author's acquaintance with the Gypsy race in general dates from a 
very early period of his life, which considerably facilitated his 
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