Insta360 ONE R: the modular action camera to which you can change the lenses

Insta360, the manufacturer of action cameras, wanted to start 2020 with a new release. After presenting the Insta360 GO, the brand has launched the Insta360 ONE R, an action camera that stands out for being modular. The main device is a rear screen, but it can be attached to different mods to expand functions. Learn more about new devices at

There are currently three modes available: a 360 dual-lens mod, which is used to capture video from the front and rear, a 4K wide-angle model and a one-inch mod with 5.3K resolution co-designed with Leica. In addition to these three mods, there is an extended battery that, according to the brand, has twice the capacity. The camera comes in different preconfigured editions whose prices we will detail later.

Several cameras in one

In addition to the lenses, which you can see detailed above, the camera is loaded with features designed to improve video shots. They explain from Insta360 that the ONE R uses an improved stabilization algorithm “FlowState” which, they say, offers an experience similar to that of a gimbal and is smooth even in low light conditions. In fact, the camera has an AI-powered night mode that is activated in both photos and videos.

The camera has a “computational vision based on artificial intelligence” that will be used to track objects. When editing videos using the companion app, users will be able to choose which object to keep clicking on it and the application will always keep it centered, even when it is hidden behind an object. It can also be done in real-time using Deep Track, which allows you to block an object by means of voice command and that the video is automatically framed aimed at the selected subject or object.

It is clear that automatic or guided editing is one of the points where the company has put more care. In that sense, it is worth noting FlashCut and Auto Frame. FlashCut is an automatic editing algorithm that “finds the best content based on the theme chosen by the creator” and combines them with music to create a video. This algorithm works with any mod.

Auto Frame, meanwhile, is a computer vision algorithm to “identify the best parts of any 360 video and recommend it to the creators” when editing. This system can be useful when using the dual-lens mod, since, theoretically, the algorithm will be able to select the best scenes of each lens. This is how it works on paper, but it will have to be tested to know its performance in real environments.

On the other hand, Insta360 also announced today the Aerial Mod, a device that you can see in the image above and that makes compatible drones (which have not been specified exactly) capture content in 360 degrees.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Insta360 ONE R is waterproof (IPX8) up to five meters, although a diving case is offered that allows dives of up to 60 meters. It has voice control, has two standard microphones and a “wind reduction algorithm” to eliminate unwanted noise, USB type C and a top mount that allows connecting microphones with 3.5 mm output.

The best cooking apps for Android 2019

A big thank you to the app developers who have loaded the app market with numerous useful apps that help us in our daily lives to a large extent. Whether you’re looking for daily weather updates, some fitness tips or some useful cooking tips, the apps are always available for all these cases. Likewise, if you’re aiming to become a kitchen expert, you can help us with the apps again. A lot of cooking apps are available for all platforms like Android and iOS and if you’re looking for the best cooking apps, read on.

Small recipes

This application is a gem. She also offers the recipe of the day, a good search engine, but in addition to this has thematic menus, recipes for intolerants, vegetarians/veganians, light, gluten-free, etc.. As if this were not enough, it offers a system of converter of trays, a timer and an encyclopedia of techniques and tools.

Rating: 10 Perfect in all

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It is undoubtedly the most popular recipe portal. The GialloZafferano app is complete and available for Android and Apple devices. Its flagship is the recipe of the day. Every day a new recipe, simple, with step by step photos and often with videos. The tablet version is excellent.

Rating: 9 From one of the major web portals we expect fireworks!

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BurroFuso Ricette Dolci

Yes, we are, too. BurroFuso Ricette Dolci is the first app completely dedicated to sweet recipes. Bloggers and can not send their preparations. A subdivision between the various categories will allow you to quickly find the recipe you are looking for.

Rating: 8


MyTaste collects recipes from bloggers and enthusiasts. The search function of recipes is his pride, thanks to the vast database that has available, it will be difficult to be disappointed.

Rating:8 The graphics are rather meagre

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Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

Maybe one of the first cooking apps, it has a good database of recipes. In addition to the classic course breakdown, it has a recipe breakdown based on the TV program in which they were cooked. The recipes section is very extensive, and the cook’s test is very much in evidence.

Rating: 7 Despite the wide choice of recipes, the graphics are rather meagre

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Cooking Fanpage

The Fanpage Cooking recipes are all the rage on Facebook. Beautiful and greedy, they conquer everyone and push even the most wizards to the sin of gluttony. The app, in addition to the kitchen section, covers other topics, such as sports, entertainment, etc.. A clear division between the courses allows you to easily find something good to bring to the table.

Rating: 8 The graphics don’t really convince me


This was also one of the first apps I installed. The recipes are many and added by bloggers and fans. It has a search function, a division into categories and the ability to save your favorites after logging in.

Rating: 7 I find it a bit ‘retro and not improved with time

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Bimby recipes

One of the objects of desire of many women is the Bimby. Small factotum kitchen robot, allows you to create a multitude of recipes. In this application everyone can load their own and share it. Practical search functions and division between courses, even in this case flawed in the graphics.

Rating: 7-

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It works in a very simple way: write down the ingredient(s) you want to cook and he will show you all the recipes you can prepare. Better than that, what do you want? He instantly solves the problem of leftovers! Against? Refer to the various sites to read the recipes.

Rating: 8

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Still, little known, it’s a really complete cooking app. She also offers the possibility to share her recipes or to search in the vast database. Each recipe is accompanied by information such as difficulty, preparation time and required utensils.

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Rating: 8

What do you think? Do you agree? Leave us your opinion in the comments!

How to share movies, books, apps, and games with iTunes Family Members

iCloud is a much more powerful cloud than many users imagine. Not only is the Apple cloud capable of instantly synchronizing photos and documents between our devices, but thanks to the “In Family” feature, we will be able to share our virtual space, locate the different members of our family, share our Apple Music subscription, and even be able to download and enjoy the purchases of the different members of “In Family”.

You read well, thanks to iCloud we will be able to download on our iPhone, iPad or Mac everything that other members have purchased on iTunes, such as:

  • Music
  • Movies.
  • Books.
  • Applications and/or games.

A very interesting system not only to watch the movies or listen to the music of other members, but to download the applications or games of others.

How to share movies, apps, and games with iCloud Family members

How to watch movies and music by other “In Family” members

  1. If you want to enjoy all the movies or songs bought by other “Family” members, you’ll need to access the iTunes Store app directly from our iPhone or iPad.
  2. Once inside the iTunes Store, click on the “More” section at the bottom right, and click on the “Purchased” section.
  3. In doing so, we will see a screen with our purchases of music and movies, and another with the purchases of different members of “In Family”.
  4. All you have to do is click on any of the members, where we will be able to see the different movies or music that they have bought, and we will even be able to download them to our computers.

How to download applications or games from other “In Family” members

  1. If you want to download apps or games from other “Family” members, you’ll need to access the App Store app from your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Once there, click on the Apple ID session icon and then on the “Purchased” tab.
  3. As in the previous case, we will be able to choose between viewing our purchases or those of the different members of “En Familia” that we will be able to download to our computers.

How to download books (Apple Books) other members of “En Familia” (In Family)

  1. Finally, if you want to enjoy the books of other “Family” members, you’ll need to enter the Apple Books app from your iPhone or iPad.
  2. In the tab “Reading” we will have to click on the icon of our Apple ID and as in the other two previous cases, click on the section of purchased.
  3. Here we will be able to see, once again, all the updates of the books that we have bought, besides the purchases of the different members of “En Familia”.
  4. Browse through each of the different titles and you can download them to your iPhone and iPad simply by pressing the download button.

In this simple way we will be able to enjoy all the content that other members of “En Familia” had before joining our small group. Once inside the group, all purchases will have to be authorized by the head or organizer of the group.

Movistar promotes Nubico, the Spotify of books and magazines, with three months free in all its rates

For a long time now, the tariffs of the big operators, and of some virtual operators, are not just minutes and megs. The added services offer us from directly related services, such as free roaming, to something further away from communications, such as streaming video services offered by Netflix and Wuaki.

In the case of Movistar we already saw how they offered a special price with Spotify and a free month of Nubico, their monthly flat rate service in books and magazines. And now that they no longer offer advantages with the steaming music service, the operator gives a new impulse to Nubico, offering all new customers of its tariffs three months free and a permanent discount afterwards.

Nubico is the digital library promoted by Movistar and Círculo de lectores through which you can access thousands of books and magazines on current affairs and various topics. Its model is the flat rate that works so well with streaming video or music, with a single rate of 8.99 euros per month.

And for a long time Movistar users had access to one month of Nubico Premium for free and a 20% discount later, a promotion that is now improving. New Movistar customers who contract any of their Fusion or Viva rates from today will have three months free, in addition to the special price of 7.25 euros per month if they want to maintain the service contracted after the free period.

The promotion does not have any pitfalls. Once a tariff has been contracted, the Movistar customer has three months to enter the website set up for the promotion. After activation, the three months start to run for free, and when the end of the free period is near, the customer will be warned by SMS, and can also request cancellation through a message. An interesting impulse for Nubico, as well as a promotion of interest in the operator’s customers.

eBooks reach Orange catalogs with Kindle Paper white

In the beginning of the times the only devices that populated the catalogs of the operators were telephones, but if we take a look today at the offer of Movistar or Orange, to give a couple of examples, we see many more devices, from tablets to televisions, through video consoles to smartwatches.

Orange is now the operator with the widest variety, having opened a year ago its shop of connected objects, which includes, among others, robots, loudspeakers, drones or smart bulbs. And today this store is inaugurated category, that of e-readers, with the incorporation of the Kindle Paperwhite, available in installments.

Until the (not absolute) end of smartphone subsidies, the vast majority of telephones left the operators’ stores, but since then the sale of free terminals has grown strongly, diminishing that revenue stream for the telephone companies, so they are looking for those lost revenues in other ways.

Orange has a wide range of connected devices that can be paid for in instalments, the main difference compared to buying them in other ways, to which the Kindle Paperwhite is now added. Amazon’s famous e-reader is now available to the operator’s customers, who can buy it for 4.25 euros per month for 24 months.

The Kindle Paper white is available for 24 installments of 4.25 euros.
With this offer, which means the signing of two years of permanence in the line used for the purchase, the user ends up paying 102 euros for a device currently available for 129.99 euros with integrated ads or 139.99 euros without them, so the saving is up to 38 euros. Is it worth it? The answer is in the hands of Orange customers.

Kobo, the alternative Kindle. Free books and audio books

In the catalog of books available in Kobo we will find all the topics. From novels to use to essays, introductory books to different skills and manuals of all kinds. Separated by categories, we can also locate them by author or by title, and here we will find a quite complete repertoire, with the first swords of each publisher present for purchase.

As it happens with Amazon Kindle and similar services, we will be able to download a piece of the book before going directly to the purchase, so that we can check if the subject fits us, or if the author is to our liking. In the tests we’ve done, we’ve been able to download two chapters from each book, which seems to be the norm when you make a book available to users at Kobo.

As in other services, books allow you to download fragments, usually of two chapters, to try before you buy.

A simple touch on the screen, and we will have the fragment of the book to our device, being able to read it calmly and without time limit until we finish it. If you are satisfied with it, you can buy it or simply download it and move on to the next one. But we also have free books, although there are not many titles in Spanish, and audio books of almost all categories.

Intuitive navigation

We will read these books on our mobile phone, although the app is also compatible with tablets, so tactile navigation is predominant here. Once the book is open, turning the page is as simple as touching the end of the screen in the direction we want to go, like in a classic book.

There’s also a simple gesture control, in case you want to swipe your finger to turn the page or turn back instead of tapping the screen. Another simple gesture will open the application menu, to advance to the page you want or return to your library. Or directly to the store, if we want to buy a new title to read.

That’s Kobo, the alternative to Kindle for reading E books on both iOS and Android

He has just put a new electronic book player on the street, what is almost traditionally known as an ebook, even though this name is for the books themselves and not for the readers. Kobo has launched its new Form, eight inches of electronic ink to compete with the Kindle Oasis, but the boys from Rakuten, owners of Kobo, also compete in the field of apps.

Just as the Amazon Kindle application is often included in app collections to read e-books on mobile phones, Kobo also exists, although it tends to go unnoticed. An application that is available for both iOS and Android, as well as other platforms, and that also has behind it a large online store of books on all subjects and in several languages.

Free registration and separate purchases

As in the case of Kindle, with Kobo we are faced with a free app in which we can register without any commitment and whose registration does not have to give credit card data or anything similar. We can create an account and browse the catalog for material to devour with your eyesight, either free or paid, and also in several languages.

Creating a Kobo account is free, and we can consult your catalog without having to make purchases or enter payment details.
The most convenient way to register is to do it with our Google account, so the phone will only ask for user and email and we will have the same login for the Kobo account, but we can also do it manually or using Facebook credentials.

A simple checkbox that we will check if we want to receive offers and advertising in the email, and we will already have an account in the application. We will be able to navigate freely through all your available books, and we will only need to enter the payment details when we go to make a purchase.

Offers and various platforms

Kobo has a section with the daily offers, so that we can access some titles at a discounted price. These titles rotate, but it may happen that they repeat several days in a row, if the publisher considers it appropriate. The purchase will always be made at the price of the offer and the title will remain forever in the catalog associated with our personal account.

As we said, Kobo is an app for mobiles and tablets that is available for both iOS and Android, although we can find it on other platforms. This is a free app, and then we leave the download links so you can do with it and try it, even if you do not plan to make any purchase. Without a doubt, a good alternative to Amazon’s Kindle platform.

There’s Life Beyond Kindle: Seven Apps to Read on Your Mobile

To the disgrace of the hardened bibliophiles, the physical format – on paper of all life – is disappearing by force in the publishing world. Knowledge does have a place, and depending on the number of books we are talking about, it can be a very big place.

For this reason -among others- the readers of ebooks such as Kindle have become a success. But there are other ways to read books in electronic format, for example, taking advantage of applications available in app stores to be able to do it directly from our mobile phone.

Google Play Books

We started with an application that comes installed by default on most Android mobiles but that we can also use on iPhone. From the Google Play Books store, we can access a large number of titles, both paid and free, download and read them directly from our mobile phone.


Just as Google Play Books is often pre-installed on many Android devices, iBooks is pre-installed on iPhones and iPads. This application allows us to import into our own books in format, ePub, ePub2 or PDF or download directly the titles offered in the catalog. Note that it is only available in iOS.

Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader has an extensive catalogue in different languages and also supports ePub, ePub2 and PDF formats. It is available free of charge for both operating systems, but we have the option to get the premium version with additional features for 5.49 euros.

Kobo Books

With this app we can read books in different formats: ePub, ePub2, PDF and even in formats encrypted with Adobe DRM. It also has its own catalogue and access to free libraries where we can download books to read from the application itself.


This application is well known and not only because it allows us to download books directly, but also because it gives us the possibility to download texts written by other people, articles or short stories, making it a good alternative for shorter readings.

Moon+ Reader

Free application and only available for Android that supports several of the formats and also has a night mode that although we do not have clear that it serves to take care of the eyes, allows us a much softer reading.

NeoSoar eBooks, PDF & ePub reader

Finally, we go with NeoSoar eBooks, PDF & ePub reader, an application for iOS that as its name suggests supports all these formats. But in addition to this, if we want to read in other languages, the application includes dictionaries and instant translation with a single click.

[Rectification] Microsoft creates a book-like sleeve that adds a secondary screen to your phone

Samsung, LG or Huawei are just a few examples of manufacturers who have confirmed their intention to present a folding mobile in the coming months. Last week there was a rumor that Google is preparing a version of Android adapted to folding screens.

It seems clear, therefore, that 2019, in addition to being the year of 5G, will be the year of folding mobiles. While we wait for their arrival, we have other projects also aimed at increasing user productivity and ending the limitations of current mobiles. This is the case of the book cover developed by Microsoft Research, which includes a secondary screen for multitasking.

Two screens to increase productivity

The proposal that comes to us from Microsoft Research (and which inevitably reminds us of Project Andromeda) is far from the patents that we are seeing lately and that have a flexible panel. In this case, it’s a book-type cover that connects two independent screens: on the one hand, the smartphone, and on the other, a secondary electronic ink screen with five touch buttons. The connection between the two would be made through flat cables that pass through the “hinge” of the cover.

The company defines it as “a smartphone screen cover concept, a secondary screen designed to improve productivity and comfort. It also states that it has taken as a reference the experience of users who highlight some of the limitations of smartphones and that “the aim of this concept was to explore a practical solution that allows users to be more productive.

Microsoft has demonstrated the result using a Lumia 640, but that doesn’t mean that the sleeve should be restricted to Windows smartphones (especially considering the interest the Redmond giant is showing in Android).

According to Microsoft, the aim of this concept was to explore a practical solution that would allow users to be more productive.
In addition, while the working prototypes did not include a touch layer on the secondary electronic ink display, Microsoft Research does support scenarios where the cover is touch-compatible and offers greater functionality. As can be seen in the images, some possibilities would be to use the secondary screen as a keyboard or as additional space for applications such as Word.

We will see if in the end it will materialize, but it is clear that, now that we have several manufacturers developing flexible screens to launch their folding mobiles to market next year, this prototype does not seem to be a very practical solution.

Applications and services for listening to audio books on your mobile phone


In the Audible line is AudioBooks, a service with 125,000 audiobooks available that you can access by paying a subscription of $14.95 per month. This subscription allows you to get one free audiobook per month. As you may have guessed from the currency, the titles are only available in English, but if you have a good level or simply prefer the original version, it might be interesting.

AudioBooks can be downloaded for free from the Google Play and App Store and comes with a free 30-day trial that gives you access to your first audiobook. Once the first month has passed, you will be able to decide if you want to stay or if you prefer to opt for another service.

iVoox and Spotify

iVoox and Spotify, while podcast and music applications, have several programs dedicated exclusively to audiobooks and stories. In the case of iVoox, with a few exceptions, the vast majority can be listened to for free. The good thing is that anyone can upload their own narration of the books or stories they consider, so you’ll probably find a title that you like.

Both iVoox and Spotify allow you to download titles to listen to them offline and, if you stick to iVoox, you can download the MP3 file from the website to play it from any other player. Both applications are available on the Google Play and App Store. Here you have the audio books in Spotify and here the category “Audio books and stories” in iVoox.


AudioLibros is a library of 24,000 royalty-free books by authors such as Shakespeare, Alexandre Dumas, Oscar Wild and Charles Dickens. It is an application focused on great literary works such as “La Divina Comedia” by Dante, “Sherlock Holmes” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or “Don Quijote de La Mancha” by Miguel de Cervantes, each of them divided into episodes. You can listen in streaming or download the file to be able to access it without connection.

Of the library of 24,000 books, 2,400 are available in Spanish. As soon as you open the application it will ask you in which languages you want to listen to the titles, so you will have no problem filtering. The app is available on the Google Play and App Store and is completely free.

Services for buying and downloading audio books

Beyond the applications, on the web it is possible to find some services that allow you to buy audio books and get the MP3 file to play it from anywhere. One of the most prominent is SonoLibro, which do dramatizations in audio, IE, is not only the narration, but have sound effects, actors and background music. You can access a free catalog from their website and even listen to a sample to see if it convinces you.

AudioTeka is another similar service, although it is flat narration. You can buy any title from those who have their catalog and listen to it where you want, although they have an app for iOS and Android for those who do not want to have to be passing files from computer to mobile or vice versa. Finally, in Lit2Go you can access a huge catalog of completely legal free audio books of royalty-free works.