Applications and services for listening to audio books on your mobile phone

Google Play and Apple Books

We start with the alternatives that come preinstalled on all devices: Google Play and Apple Books. The first one, available on Android, allows you to access a huge catalog of books and audio books by means of a single payment, that is, you pay only once and you can access the audio books as many times as you want from any device on which you have configured your Google account. You can see all of them from this link.

More of the same is true for Apple Books. In the iOS reading application, you can access both books and audio books for a one-time fee. As with Google Play, once you pay for a title, it’s saved in your iTunes account, and you can access it from your iPad, Mac, or any device on the block. It’s worth noting, by the way, that on both platforms you can access a sample to see how it’s narrated and whether you like it or not.


Storytel is a kind of “Netflix of audio books”. Through a monthly subscription you can access a huge library of thousands and thousands of audio books in Spanish, Latin Spanish and English. The price of the subscription is 12.99 euros per month and includes a free 14-day trial during which you can listen to any title.

Storytel’s benefits include the ability to download audio books to listen to them offline, the ability to modify the playback speed so that the narrator does it faster or slower, and the option to add a timer that causes the app to close when a certain amount of time passes. It can be downloaded to iOS and Android.


Audible, an Amazon company, is similar to Storytel but slightly different. It’s available in Spanish, Latin Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Chinese, so you’ll have content to give and give.

Audible’s subscription is $14.95 per month and allows you to get a free audio book every 30 days, although you can also pay annually ($149.50). The most expensive subscription, platinum, is worth $22.95 per month and allows you to get two free audio books per month. It may be slightly expensive, but the positive side is that the books you get while paying for the subscription will be yours forever. It’s available on iOS and Android.

Celebrate Book Day with these book offerings at Google Play and Apple Books

As every year, on 23 April UNESCO celebrates World Book and Copyright Day, a “celebration to promote the enjoyment of books and reading”. It is celebrated on this date because it coincides with the death of William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes and Garcilaso de la Vega, three of the most important authors of English and Spanish literature and, in order to invite users to read and discover new works, Google Play and Apple Books have published some interesting offers in books.

They are not free books, go ahead. In the case of Google Play, the discounts for Book Day exceed 50% of the original price of each title, while Apple Books has chosen to put a collection of books at 2.99 euros. Note that if you buy one, it will be saved in your Google or iTunes account and you will be able to access it from any device. Here’s the complete list.

Book offers on Google Play and Apple Books

As you can see, there are some interesting titles like “Los crímenes del monograma”, by Sophie Hannah; “París no se acaba nunca”, by Enrique Vilas-Mata or “Ella lo sabe”, by the Spanish actress Lorena Franco. At Apple Books we also have some books by renowned authors such as “La mano de Fátima” by Ildefonso Falcones or “Philip Trent y el caso Trent” by E. C. Bentley.

These are only the titles discounted by Book Day, but both Google Play and Apple Books have many more books with discounts. For example, in Google Play you have a section dedicated to books with a 50% discount, packs of eBooks and offers of the week with a 30% discount. Some audiobooks have also been discounted up to 40%. Remember that you can always take a look at a sample before making a purchase to see if they convince you or not.

If you buy a book, it will be saved in your account and you will be able to access it from any device.

The same goes for Apple Books. If you open the application and go to Store > Special offers and free you will find a huge amount of books discounted. Among them are “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry or “Your naked skin” by Encarna Magín at 0.99 euros, but there are many more.