eBooks reach Orange catalogs with Kindle Paper white

In the beginning of the times the only devices that populated the catalogs of the operators were telephones, but if we take a look today at the offer of Movistar or Orange, to give a couple of examples, we see many more devices, from tablets to televisions, through video consoles to smartwatches.

Orange is now the operator with the widest variety, having opened a year ago its shop of connected objects, which includes, among others, robots, loudspeakers, drones or smart bulbs. And today this store is inaugurated category, that of e-readers, with the incorporation of the Kindle Paperwhite, available in installments.

Until the (not absolute) end of smartphone subsidies, the vast majority of telephones left the operators’ stores, but since then the sale of free terminals has grown strongly, diminishing that revenue stream for the telephone companies, so they are looking for those lost revenues in other ways.

Orange has a wide range of connected devices that can be paid for in instalments, the main difference compared to buying them in other ways, to which the Kindle Paperwhite is now added. Amazon’s famous e-reader is now available to the operator’s customers, who can buy it for 4.25 euros per month for 24 months.

The Kindle Paper white is available for 24 installments of 4.25 euros.
With this offer, which means the signing of two years of permanence in the line used for the purchase, the user ends up paying 102 euros for a device currently available for 129.99 euros with integrated ads or 139.99 euros without them, so the saving is up to 38 euros. Is it worth it? The answer is in the hands of Orange customers.