Insta360 ONE R: the modular action camera to which you can change the lenses

Insta360, the manufacturer of action cameras, wanted to start 2020 with a new release. After presenting the Insta360 GO, the brand has launched the Insta360 ONE R, an action camera that stands out for being modular. The main device is a rear screen, but it can be attached to different mods to expand functions. Learn more about new devices at

There are currently three modes available: a 360 dual-lens mod, which is used to capture video from the front and rear, a 4K wide-angle model and a one-inch mod with 5.3K resolution co-designed with Leica. In addition to these three mods, there is an extended battery that, according to the brand, has twice the capacity. The camera comes in different preconfigured editions whose prices we will detail later.

Several cameras in one

In addition to the lenses, which you can see detailed above, the camera is loaded with features designed to improve video shots. They explain from Insta360 that the ONE R uses an improved stabilization algorithm “FlowState” which, they say, offers an experience similar to that of a gimbal and is smooth even in low light conditions. In fact, the camera has an AI-powered night mode that is activated in both photos and videos.

The camera has a “computational vision based on artificial intelligence” that will be used to track objects. When editing videos using the companion app, users will be able to choose which object to keep clicking on it and the application will always keep it centered, even when it is hidden behind an object. It can also be done in real-time using Deep Track, which allows you to block an object by means of voice command and that the video is automatically framed aimed at the selected subject or object.

It is clear that automatic or guided editing is one of the points where the company has put more care. In that sense, it is worth noting FlashCut and Auto Frame. FlashCut is an automatic editing algorithm that “finds the best content based on the theme chosen by the creator” and combines them with music to create a video. This algorithm works with any mod.

Auto Frame, meanwhile, is a computer vision algorithm to “identify the best parts of any 360 video and recommend it to the creators” when editing. This system can be useful when using the dual-lens mod, since, theoretically, the algorithm will be able to select the best scenes of each lens. This is how it works on paper, but it will have to be tested to know its performance in real environments.

On the other hand, Insta360 also announced today the Aerial Mod, a device that you can see in the image above and that makes compatible drones (which have not been specified exactly) capture content in 360 degrees.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Insta360 ONE R is waterproof (IPX8) up to five meters, although a diving case is offered that allows dives of up to 60 meters. It has voice control, has two standard microphones and a “wind reduction algorithm” to eliminate unwanted noise, USB type C and a top mount that allows connecting microphones with 3.5 mm output.