Kobo, the alternative Kindle. Free books and audio books

In the catalog of books available in Kobo we will find all the topics. From novels to use to essays, introductory books to different skills and manuals of all kinds. Separated by categories, we can also locate them by author or by title, and here we will find a quite complete repertoire, with the first swords of each publisher present for purchase.

As it happens with Amazon Kindle and similar services, we will be able to download a piece of the book before going directly to the purchase, so that we can check if the subject fits us, or if the author is to our liking. In the tests we’ve done, we’ve been able to download two chapters from each book, which seems to be the norm when you make a book available to users at Kobo.

As in other services, books allow you to download fragments, usually of two chapters, to try before you buy.

A simple touch on the screen, and we will have the fragment of the book to our device, being able to read it calmly and without time limit until we finish it. If you are satisfied with it, you can buy it or simply download it and move on to the next one. But we also have free books, although there are not many titles in Spanish, and audio books of almost all categories.

Intuitive navigation

We will read these books on our mobile phone, although the app is also compatible with tablets, so tactile navigation is predominant here. Once the book is open, turning the page is as simple as touching the end of the screen in the direction we want to go, like in a classic book.

There’s also a simple gesture control, in case you want to swipe your finger to turn the page or turn back instead of tapping the screen. Another simple gesture will open the application menu, to advance to the page you want or return to your library. Or directly to the store, if we want to buy a new title to read.