Movistar promotes Nubico, the Spotify of books and magazines, with three months free in all its rates

For a long time now, the tariffs of the big operators, and of some virtual operators, are not just minutes and megs. The added services offer us from directly related services, such as free roaming, to something further away from communications, such as streaming video services offered by Netflix and Wuaki.

In the case of Movistar we already saw how they offered a special price with Spotify and a free month of Nubico, their monthly flat rate service in books and magazines. And now that they no longer offer advantages with the steaming music service, the operator gives a new impulse to Nubico, offering all new customers of its tariffs three months free and a permanent discount afterwards.

Nubico is the digital library promoted by Movistar and CĂ­rculo de lectores through which you can access thousands of books and magazines on current affairs and various topics. Its model is the flat rate that works so well with streaming video or music, with a single rate of 8.99 euros per month.

And for a long time Movistar users had access to one month of Nubico Premium for free and a 20% discount later, a promotion that is now improving. New Movistar customers who contract any of their Fusion or Viva rates from today will have three months free, in addition to the special price of 7.25 euros per month if they want to maintain the service contracted after the free period.

The promotion does not have any pitfalls. Once a tariff has been contracted, the Movistar customer has three months to enter the website set up for the promotion. After activation, the three months start to run for free, and when the end of the free period is near, the customer will be warned by SMS, and can also request cancellation through a message. An interesting impulse for Nubico, as well as a promotion of interest in the operator’s customers.