That’s Kobo, the alternative to Kindle for reading E books on both iOS and Android

He has just put a new electronic book player on the street, what is almost traditionally known as an ebook, even though this name is for the books themselves and not for the readers. Kobo has launched its new Form, eight inches of electronic ink to compete with the Kindle Oasis, but the boys from Rakuten, owners of Kobo, also compete in the field of apps.

Just as the Amazon Kindle application is often included in app collections to read e-books on mobile phones, Kobo also exists, although it tends to go unnoticed. An application that is available for both iOS and Android, as well as other platforms, and that also has behind it a large online store of books on all subjects and in several languages.

Free registration and separate purchases

As in the case of Kindle, with Kobo we are faced with a free app in which we can register without any commitment and whose registration does not have to give credit card data or anything similar. We can create an account and browse the catalog for material to devour with your eyesight, either free or paid, and also in several languages.

Creating a Kobo account is free, and we can consult your catalog without having to make purchases or enter payment details.
The most convenient way to register is to do it with our Google account, so the phone will only ask for user and email and we will have the same login for the Kobo account, but we can also do it manually or using Facebook credentials.

A simple checkbox that we will check if we want to receive offers and advertising in the email, and we will already have an account in the application. We will be able to navigate freely through all your available books, and we will only need to enter the payment details when we go to make a purchase.

Offers and various platforms

Kobo has a section with the daily offers, so that we can access some titles at a discounted price. These titles rotate, but it may happen that they repeat several days in a row, if the publisher considers it appropriate. The purchase will always be made at the price of the offer and the title will remain forever in the catalog associated with our personal account.

As we said, Kobo is an app for mobiles and tablets that is available for both iOS and Android, although we can find it on other platforms. This is a free app, and then we leave the download links so you can do with it and try it, even if you do not plan to make any purchase. Without a doubt, a good alternative to Amazon’s Kindle platform.