The best cooking apps for Android 2019

A big thank you to the app developers who have loaded the app market with numerous useful apps that help us in our daily lives to a large extent. Whether you’re looking for daily weather updates, some fitness tips or some useful cooking tips, the apps are always available for all these cases. Likewise, if you’re aiming to become a kitchen expert, you can help us with the apps again. A lot of cooking apps are available for all platforms like Android and iOS and if you’re looking for the best cooking apps, read on.

Small recipes

This application is a gem. She also offers the recipe of the day, a good search engine, but in addition to this has thematic menus, recipes for intolerants, vegetarians/veganians, light, gluten-free, etc.. As if this were not enough, it offers a system of converter of trays, a timer and an encyclopedia of techniques and tools.

Rating: 10 Perfect in all

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It is undoubtedly the most popular recipe portal. The GialloZafferano app is complete and available for Android and Apple devices. Its flagship is the recipe of the day. Every day a new recipe, simple, with step by step photos and often with videos. The tablet version is excellent.

Rating: 9 From one of the major web portals we expect fireworks!

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BurroFuso Ricette Dolci

Yes, we are, too. BurroFuso Ricette Dolci is the first app completely dedicated to sweet recipes. Bloggers and can not send their preparations. A subdivision between the various categories will allow you to quickly find the recipe you are looking for.

Rating: 8


MyTaste collects recipes from bloggers and enthusiasts. The search function of recipes is his pride, thanks to the vast database that has available, it will be difficult to be disappointed.

Rating:8 The graphics are rather meagre

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Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

Maybe one of the first cooking apps, it has a good database of recipes. In addition to the classic course breakdown, it has a recipe breakdown based on the TV program in which they were cooked. The recipes section is very extensive, and the cook’s test is very much in evidence.

Rating: 7 Despite the wide choice of recipes, the graphics are rather meagre

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Cooking Fanpage

The Fanpage Cooking recipes are all the rage on Facebook. Beautiful and greedy, they conquer everyone and push even the most wizards to the sin of gluttony. The app, in addition to the kitchen section, covers other topics, such as sports, entertainment, etc.. A clear division between the courses allows you to easily find something good to bring to the table.

Rating: 8 The graphics don’t really convince me


This was also one of the first apps I installed. The recipes are many and added by bloggers and fans. It has a search function, a division into categories and the ability to save your favorites after logging in.

Rating: 7 I find it a bit ‘retro and not improved with time

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Bimby recipes

One of the objects of desire of many women is the Bimby. Small factotum kitchen robot, allows you to create a multitude of recipes. In this application everyone can load their own and share it. Practical search functions and division between courses, even in this case flawed in the graphics.

Rating: 7-

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It works in a very simple way: write down the ingredient(s) you want to cook and he will show you all the recipes you can prepare. Better than that, what do you want? He instantly solves the problem of leftovers! Against? Refer to the various sites to read the recipes.

Rating: 8

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Still, little known, it’s a really complete cooking app. She also offers the possibility to share her recipes or to search in the vast database. Each recipe is accompanied by information such as difficulty, preparation time and required utensils.

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Rating: 8

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