There’s Life Beyond Kindle: Seven Apps to Read on Your Mobile

To the disgrace of the hardened bibliophiles, the physical format – on paper of all life – is disappearing by force in the publishing world. Knowledge does have a place, and depending on the number of books we are talking about, it can be a very big place.

For this reason -among others- the readers of ebooks such as Kindle have become a success. But there are other ways to read books in electronic format, for example, taking advantage of applications available in app stores to be able to do it directly from our mobile phone.

Google Play Books

We started with an application that comes installed by default on most Android mobiles but that we can also use on iPhone. From the Google Play Books store, we can access a large number of titles, both paid and free, download and read them directly from our mobile phone.


Just as Google Play Books is often pre-installed on many Android devices, iBooks is pre-installed on iPhones and iPads. This application allows us to import into our own books in format, ePub, ePub2 or PDF or download directly the titles offered in the catalog. Note that it is only available in iOS.

Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader has an extensive catalogue in different languages and also supports ePub, ePub2 and PDF formats. It is available free of charge for both operating systems, but we have the option to get the premium version with additional features for 5.49 euros.

Kobo Books

With this app we can read books in different formats: ePub, ePub2, PDF and even in formats encrypted with Adobe DRM. It also has its own catalogue and access to free libraries where we can download books to read from the application itself.


This application is well known and not only because it allows us to download books directly, but also because it gives us the possibility to download texts written by other people, articles or short stories, making it a good alternative for shorter readings.

Moon+ Reader

Free application and only available for Android that supports several of the formats and also has a night mode that although we do not have clear that it serves to take care of the eyes, allows us a much softer reading.

NeoSoar eBooks, PDF & ePub reader

Finally, we go with NeoSoar eBooks, PDF & ePub reader, an application for iOS that as its name suggests supports all these formats. But in addition to this, if we want to read in other languages, the application includes dictionaries and instant translation with a single click.